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FY2013 CoC Startup Training

2016 CoC Planning Committee
& Full Consortium Meeting Minutes 
2017 CoC Planning Committee
& Full Consortium Meeting MInutes
Other Important Documents

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Mayors' Action Plan to End Homelessness

2016-17 Annual Election Records

Homeless Consortium Bylaws

Lead HMIS Agreement

Lead CoC Agreement

Policies & Procedures for Eligibility for CoC

 Visioning Session Debriefing Presentation

Tennessee State Plan to End Homelessness (12/16)

First Episode Psychosis Presentation (1/17/2017)


HUD NOTICE 01/23/2017 - Coordinated Assessment

Coordinated Entry Self Assessment  

Powerpoint Presentation for 02/21/2017

Understanding the Rank & Review Process FY2017


TN-501 Coordinated Entry Manual

Coordinated Entry Presentation/Slide Show


2017 HIC and PIT Data Collection Notice - FINAL

Equal Access Final Rule (2016)


HUD Notice CPD-16-11

HUD Notice CPD-17-01

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