Project Homeless Connect - Memphis opens the window of opportunity, and places individuals who are experiencing homelessness on the opposite side of that window by connecting people to purpose.  Held annually on the third Thursday in October, this life-changing service opportunity is presented in conjunction with the Mayors’ Action Plan to End Homelessness in Memphis/Shelby County, and it serves as a critical element of our community’s collaborative response to the needs of our most vulnerable citizens. 

Widely recognized as one of the largest opportunities of its kind in the region, Project Homeless Connect provides all of the vital programs, services, and other resources that are needed to leave homelessness under one roof.  A compassionate team of city agencies, service providers, community partners, and volunteers join forces to help homeless persons obtain housing, medical care, employment opportunities, legal services, access to government benefits, and much more...while exhibiting the true heart of Memphis!

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 Typically, PROJECT HOMELESS CONNECT is held in the Fall on the third Thursday of October. 

Stay tuned for the date and location for 2017!

SOME RESOURCES & SERVICES INCLUDE: • Health Evaluation • Dental Evaluation • Vision Screenings • Housing Counseling • Housing Referrals • Employment Services • Veterans Benefits • HIV/AIDS Testing • HIV/AIDS Support • Legal Assistance • Donated Goods • Haircare
• Mental Health Services • Social Security Services • City of Memphis ID • Substance Abuse Services • Medicaid/Food Stamps • Other Benefits

Registration is required. Volunteers who serve on event day must be age 18 and above; however, there are volunteer opportunities (setup, care bag assembly, etc.) for those who do not meet the age requirement prior to the event. Each volunteer is required to attend a training session.