2019 Notice of Funding Availability (Last Updated: 7/15/2019)

The 2019 Notice of Funding Availability for the Continuum of Care Competition has been released. We'll be maintaining this page to include all relevant documents and timelines ahead of the submission deadline. If you have any questions about this process, or believe something is missing, please reach out to Kellie Cole, at [email protected] 

Available Documents:
Scorecard (Includes Tabs for Renewal Scorecard and New Project Scorecard) 


Submitting Your Application: 

  • All applications must be submitted in E-snapsPlease go here to review instructions on how to create a profile and submit your application. 
  • Returning project applicants can choose to import the FY 2018 renewal project application responses; however, this must be requested during your registration of the Renewal Funding Opportunity in e-snaps and is only available if you submitted a renewal project application in the FY 2018 CoC Program Competition (last year). If you import last year’s responses, be sure to carefully review them to ensure they are still accurate and representative of the project.
  • If this is the first renewal project application for your organization, you must complete the entire renewal project application.
  • All new project applications must complete the entire new project application.

Coming Soon: 

  • New Project Application Information
  • Sign-Up Link for ESNAPS Training 
  • Consolidated Application with Detailed Instructions
  • Gaps Analysis 

Dates and Deadlines are subject to change. Please keep watch on this page and your email for updates!

Site Visits and HMIS Review Completed 7/2/19
FY2019 CoC Competition NOFA Released 7/3/19
Release of the RFP for New Projects 7/19/19
Site Visit Summary and Completed Scorecards sent to Renewal Projects 8/2/19
Deadline to Submit Comments on Site Visit Summary and/or Completed Scorecards (Limited to 1-pg front and back) 8/9/19
ESNAPS Training Option for New and Renewal Projects 8/12/19
ESNAPS Training Option for New and Renewal Projects 8/13/19
Project applications due to CAFTH by 4:00PM 8/19/19
TENTATIVE Week for Rank and Review Sessions 8/26/19
Notify Projects of Acceptance and Ranking 9/3/19
Deadline for Submitting an Appeal of Ranking Results 9/9/19
Posting of Results and Collaborative Application to CAFTH website 9/13/19
Deadline to Submit Comments to CAFTH on Collaborative Application 9/18/19
Target Date to Submit Final Application to HUD 9/25/19
Final Application DUE to HUD 9/30/19