Since August of 2016, we have helped over 50 individuals to regain stability in permanent, stable, safe, and appropriate housing after experiencing homelessness. This is a significant accomplishment for Memphis/Shelby County, which aligns perfectly with our organization’s guiding principles:

We believe that housing is a basic human right.
We believe that homelessness is a solvable problem.
We believe that our community is equipped with the resources to impact positive change.

Individuals who are experiencing homelessness come to us directly from the streets without basic necessities. Through the Brighter Days program, Community Alliance for the Homeless, Inc. is able to assist with the provision of basic fundamental requirements for survival, which has previously been a common barrier. The Brighter Days program allows us to make sure that these individuals have furniture, cleaning products, and other basic household necessities as they exit homelessness. While there are other supports that may be required to fully obtain self-sufficiency, we strive to ensure that at least the basic needs are met for each client once they obtain housing. Through collaborative partnerships, we have the unique opportunity to provide these necessities for the small cost of $1000 per unit.

The primary goal for this program is to ensure that their new residence feels like home while equipping them with those fundamental requirements that serve as a foundation for survival. These basic needs include a bed to sleep in, food, clothing, and basic items to maintain the home. Each of these items is necessary for the development of a strong community and a key factor in building the individual’s level of self-sufficiency.

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