The Memphis/Shelby County Coordinated Entry System (CES) is composed of a variety of CoC housing providers, street outreach staff, and community partners that serve persons experiencing homelessness.  This page is designed to be used by new staff or new CE partners who are looking to become familiar with how the CoC and CES operate, as well as for supervisors and directors of community programs that serve persons experiencing literal homelessness.  

HUD mandates that all communities who receive federal funds through the Continuum of Care (CoC) Competition must operate and maintain a successful Coordinated Entry System. This system allows CoC’s to prioritize those most vulnerable and/or in-need for the limited services and housing program openings through an assessment process, engagement with outreach workers and housing staff, and case conferencing. Coordinated Entry also allows for coordinated collaboration with key service providers within the community, even if they are not federally funded through the CoC competition, to ensure that clients are able to access programs and services in a timely and organized manner. 


Training Webinar - CoC and CES Overview

 The webinar, found below, covers an overview of the CoC in Memphis/Shelby County and how the CES operates to best connect persons experiencing homelessness with services and housing.  This training will also educate staff on CES assessment processes, how people are prioritized for services, types of housing programs within the CoC, and a brief overview of the data management system used in CES.

Coordinated Entry Training Part 1

When you have completed the training webinar, please email [email protected] to learn more about next steps to officially become part of the Coordinated Entry process.  

Additional Resources

Coordinated Entry Overview Handout