What is Coordinated Entry?

Memphis and Shelby County’s Continuum of Care has developed a streamlined, crisis response, system to those experiencing homelessness.  Coordinated Entry was created to identify, assist, house and prevent homelessness in a swift and efficient manner.  Coordinated Entry ensures access to the homeless system is widely available and well known. Everyone gets the same assessment tool.

Everyone is prioritized for housing and services using the same regulations, with fair and equal access to housing.

One System Exists, With Two Access Points:

  • SINGLES: Unaccompanied Youth (18-24) Individuals (25 and older)
  • FAMILIES: Households with children under 18

Goals for the Coordinated Entry System:

  • To put an end to current episodes of homelessness
  • Provide low barrier, fair and equal access to the system
  • Move people into housing swiftly after they are identified
  • Make future homeless episodes rare, brief and non-recurring

Please click here to review the TN-501 Coordinated Entry Manual.