HMIS Transition FAQs

Below, please find a list of questions we have received from our end-user community. We'll work to update answers as we receive new questions, but if you don't see an answer to your question here, please reach out to a CAFTH team member, and we'll get back in touch as quickly as possible!

FAQ Categories

General Questions
Transition Timeline
Data Consistency
New Capabilities

General Questions

Q: Some people keep saying the new system is called BitFocus and others keep calling it Clarity. Which is it?

A: Truthfully, both! We are switching to Clarity Human Solutions, operated by BitFocus. While Clarity is one of BitFocus's services, it's understandable to use them interchangeably.

Q: What about new user agreements? Will providers have to sign off on those before accessing the system?

A: Yes. All providers will need to complete new user agreements. We're in the process of drawing those up now, and will make them available as soon as we can. Also, rest assured that we'll make every effort to pick up the legwork on collecting signatures and communicating expectations. 

Transition Timeline

Q: Will all of my provider's data be available in the new system (Clarity) on July 8th?

A: We are making every effort for this to be the case! At the same rate, ensuring data quality of each of our providers is our highest priority. In order to make this happen, we are performing two exports out of our current HMIS (WellSky). The first export will include any and all data entered from day one up until Wednesday, June 12th. The second export will account for any and all data entered between Thursday, June 13th and Friday, June 28th. We anticipate migrating all data pertaining from the first export by July 8th, but we might need a few extra days to migrate data that's been entered during the second half of June 2019.

Q: What about the week of July 1st? How will I enter data into HMIS during that time?

A: Unfortunately, the short answer is you won't. In order to make the overlap as seamless as possible, we have to have some downtime to make sure it's all ready for our community. During this time, all incoming clients should be tracked manually, and the backlog will need to be entered in after you receive access to the Clarity system. 


Q: On such short notice, I am unable to make the community webinar dates. Will these training videos be available online?

A: Of course. As soon as we have training videos or webinars to share, the recordings will be online on our HMIS Transition Trainings site.

Q: Our old HMIS had a training site that I could always refer to if I had trouble finding something in the system. Will that be available with Clarity?

A: Definitely. We have subscribed to a training site, and will make it available year-round for all HMIS participants.

Q: I've completed HMIS training in the past. Will I have to be re-certified as an end-user?

A: No. While we are changing vendors, we are not changing any protocols around data and client privacy. Only new end-users will have to receive training.

Data Consistency

Q: Will all information, including scanned images of sensitive documents or assessments be transferred over?

A: Yes! Everything that's in WellSky will move over. All file attachments will be linked with their appropriate user.

Q: Will the unique identifiers of our clients change?

A: Absolutely not. While you'll have much better search capabilities within Clarity to track down clients, all client IDs will carry over.

New Capabilities

Q: Will the same reports available now be in the new system?

A: Not only will the same reports be available, but hundreds more are included. Even better, Clarity offers lots of room for customizing reports and fields. If there's a dream report you've always wanted at your fingertips, start brainstorming! In September, after the new system has been rolled out, we'll start discussions around what new reports or fields like you'd to see!

Q: Is it possible to use the new system on an iPad or tablet?

A: Yes! Clarity offers a responsive site, meaning it is engineered to be accessible and user-friendly whether you're at a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your phone!