Continuum of Care Planning Committee

The CoC Committee has overall responsibility for the timely, accurate presentation of Memphis and Shelby County's annual Continuum of Care Consolidated Application to HUD to accompany agency applications. Duties of the CoC include the following: gaps analysis, attendance at each annual HUD SHP/Continuum of Care Training, solicitation of new and updated information from the membership and others as needed, adherence to HUD changes; informing the Consortium membership, Coordination of Continuum of Care Exhibit 1 and the agency proposals in an organized fashion, assisting agencies as needed, and printing and dispersing document to the community as deemed appropriate and affordable by the Consortium membership. The Continuum of Care Committee shall have at least 51% non-profit and/or service consumer representatives. 

CoC Committee Chair: Porsha Goodman, Door of Hope

Veterans Committee

The Veterans Committee coordinates and identifies service needs for veterans who are homeless and their families. Shall serve as the liaison between the Consortium and the Memphis VA Medical Center.

Veterans Committee Chair: Emily Connell, VA Medical Center

HMIS Committee

The HMIS Committee shall provide information and guidance to the Consortium on issues related to the implementation of the Homeless Management Information System. The Committee also ensures that HMIS users meet the established Bitfocus Clarity Human Services User Policies and Responsibilities. The Community Alliance for the Homeless HMIS Director will serve as a staff liaison to this committee.

HMIS Committee Chair: Toni Johnson, Catholic Charities of West Tennessee

Families Committee

The Emergency Housing Partnership/Families Committee shall coordinate the implementation of the Central Intake System for Families who are homeless and promote communication between all family service providers.  The Committee also advocates for families who are homeless while directly encouraging the representation of families in the Continuum of Care.

Families Committee Chair: Mary Hamlett, Metropolitan Inter-Faith Association (MIFA)

Healthcare Committee

This committee shall advocate for households who are homeless to receive access to healthcare while educating the Memphis and Shelby County community and the Continuum of Care on healthcare needs and available resources for persons who are homeless.

Single Adults Committee

The Single Adults Committee shall advocate for resources and services for single adults who are homeless while educating the Memphis and Shelby County community and the Continuum of Care about the needs of single adults who are homeless. 

Workgroups that Operate Under this Committee Include:

  • Outreach Workgroup
  • Housing and Supportive Services Workgroup
  • Landlord Workgroup

Single Adults Committee Chair: Tavoris Griffin, Promise Development Corporation

Youth Committee

The Youth Committee advocates for resources and services for youth ages 18 to 24 who are experiencing homelessness.  This group identifies and develops strategies to help youth who are experiencing homelessness gain housing and services that fit their expressed needs and preferences.

Youth Committee Chair: Stephanie Bell, OUTMemphis

Employment Committee

The Employment Committee shall work to develop strategies to help households who are experiencing homelessness to gain and maintain employment while educating the community and the Continuum of Care on available resources.

Employment Committee Chair: Herman Dickey, Catholic Charities of West Tennessee